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Zimmer Twins at School bundles the user-friendly and enjoyable moviemaker children love with a new ‘teacher-friendly’ private classroom.

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Up to 5 students x
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  • Unlimited Movies

    Your class can make as many movies as they want. Enjoy unlimited access to clips and edit your movies at any time.

  • Up to 40 students per Class

    You create accounts and manage passwords, so there is no need to rely on tech support or check email during class.

  • Blog posts and Polls

    Each class includes a dedicated blog. Share lesson plans, spark discussion, and learn about your students.

  • Open Comments

    You moderate student contributions. Learn, discuss, and connect with your students through storytelling and conversation.

About The Site

Winner of the Parent's Choice Silver Honor Award

Truly, the Zimmer Twins movie maker is one of the best web applications I’ve seen in a while. Creating your own cartoon – and then possibly seeing it on the air – is enormous fun and cleverly done. I made a movie myself and had so much fun I made another with my 6-year-old.

Dan Saffer, HOW Design Annual


Charles, Zimmer Twins member