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    2. Help for Students
  1. Table Of Contents

    1. Getting Started
    2. Membership
    3. Blogs and Polls
    4. Creating Movies
    5. Moderating
    6. Account Management
    7. The Gallery
    8. Site Requirements
    9. Feedback
  2. Getting Started Top

    1. What's this all about?

      Zimmer Twins at School bundles the fun moviemaker children love with new teacher-friendly class management tools and privacy settings designed specifically for use in the classroom.

      The site’s movie-making tool is designed around elements of sentence structure and creative expression, which reinforces reading and writing skills. Over the years the site has animated countless ESL and elementary English lessons. With a wide assortment of characters, props, and settings, Zimmer Twins animations enhance almost any curriculum subject including media literacy, online safety and citizenship, history, social studies, and the environment.

    2. Who are the Zimmer Twins?

      Edgar and Eva Zimmer are ordinary 12 year-olds except for one thing - they have psychic powers. They weren't always psychic though. The weirdness began when they adopted a black cat named 13. From that point on, strange things began to happen. How strange? Well, watch some of the starters and you'll get the idea.

    3. Who is this site for?

      Teachers, group leaders, librarians and technology specialists are just some of the education professionals that use This new site specifically caters to school groups and organizations that need to manage multiple users.

    4. Why should I join?

      The Zimmer Twins At School website offers a safe, private environment to reach many curriculum objectives. Whether working on English and grammar, flexing creative muscles or practicing proper Internet etiquette on a shared class blog, the Zimmer Twins At School offers a fun group experience.

    5. How do I join?

      Join for free. Go to the join page and fill in the form. Choose the free memberhip to try it out, then upgrade for more features.

    6. Will my personal information stay private?

      Yes. When you join you create an account name that will be displayed after you log in. This account is only accessible to you and your class. No other groups can see your account or the students within this account. Student accounts (sub users) are always linked to a teacher account. All other information such as your email address will be kept private. See our privacy policy for more details.

    7. Do I need to send parental permission to the Zimmer Twins website HQ?

      No. The only time that Zimmer Twins requires parental permission is when a teacher submits a movie to the public gallery.

    8. How do I log into the site?

      Once you receive an email with your password you may go to the homepage to log in. If you don’t receive a password via email, check your spam email folder. Sometimes messages end up there accidentally. The log in screen is located on the green sidebar of the homepage. You will see your name on the green sidebar once you are logged in.

    9. I forgot my login or my password. What should I do?

      No problem! Click on the Forgot Password link on the green sidebar, enter your email address or your username and we’ll email you the info you need to log in. Be sure to check your spam folder in case our email winds up there.

    10. How do I change my username or password?

      You cannot change your username. You can change your signature and password at any time on your My Profile page. Find a link to My Profile, on the green sidebar. Once there go to the Edit Account sub-section. These and all other website features are always found on the green sidebar.

    11. How do I change my email address or contact info?

      First you need to log in. Then you can change this information on your my account page. If you change your email address, it's very important that you update your account page.

    12. Why can't I use my real name as my nickname?

      You can change this information on your My Profile page in the Edit Account sub-section. If you change your personal email address (Gmail etc…), it's very important that you update your Zimmer Twins account page. Without a current email, we cannot send you lost passwords.

    13. How do I tell if I'm logged in?

      When you're logged in, your username appears in the green sidebar on the lefthand side of every page.

  3. Membership Top

    There are 2 kinds of membership; free and VIP.

    1. What is included in the free membership?

      Free membership includes 1 teacher account and up to 5 student sub accounts. The group can create a total of 12 movies. This entitles each student to create 2 movies each. With a free membership students can make, save and delete movies, but they cannot edit their movies. Teachers with a free membership can make and delete student accounts, as well as their own teacher-made movies. This account is good for a small group of people. See the comparison chart for more features.

    2. What is included in a VIP membership?

      With a VIP membership, up to 40 students can make unlimited movies. A VIP membership allows you to take advantage of features that engage students while linking to curriculum objectives. Open commenting, blogging, student profile pages, teacher polls, and editable movies will create a rich online experience.

    3. How much does a VIP Membership Cost?

      VIP membership costs 9.95 per month, or 89.95 per year.

    4. Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

      You will not be automatically charged. We only bill a one-time fee for the subscription. You can renew at any time on our renewal page.

    5. What happens to my movies if I forget to renew my account?

      Movies are never deleted, but you can no longer edit them. To make new movies, you must either renew your VIP account or delete movies until the total number of students in the class is less than 12.

    6. What happens to my students if I don't renew my VIP membership?

      Student sub accounts do not disappear but they will be frozen. Students cannot make new movies or edit existing movies. Once you renew, the accounts are unfrozen. Alternately the Free Membership rules apply.

  4. Blog Posts and Polls Top

    1. How do I write a blog post?

      Choose Class Blog on the green sidebar. Choose Add new blog entry, and write your post. You may preview the entry before saving. The blog feature is only available to VIP members. This feature is a great way to set up assignments, or deliver class news. After reading the blog, students can add comments or questions.

      Blogs and commenting are a great way to hold online discussions in the classroom and teach rules of netiquette.

    2. Can I turn comments on or off?

      Yes. Under each blog post you have an option to enable or disable comments.

    3. How do I edit/erase student comments?

      On the green sidebar in your personal menu you will see a link to “My Unread” that page will show you a list of all the movies and comments left by your students since your last login. You can use that list to review the new site content, and delete any inappropriate entries.

    4. How do I add a poll to my blog post?

      Choose My Blog from the green sidebar to create a new blog post. Choose Add new blog entry, and write your post. Underneath the blog entry expand the Pollfield option to create a poll.

    5. How can I delete a poll?

      To delete a poll you must erase the poll question and the related answers. Or you can delete the blog entry it is associated with.

  5. Creating Movies Top

    1. How do I make movies?

      Watch the tutorial on how to make a movie. Or get started right away. Choose Make A Movie from the top green sidebar actions.

    2. How do I select movies to be ‘Teacher Picks’?

      While watching a movie, you can click on the checkbox labeled Teacher Pick.

    3. How do I delete student movies if they are inappropriate?

      Choose a movie and select the delete button. Delete is found directly under the movie itself.

  6. Moderating Top

    1. How do I moderate student work?

      On the green sidebar you will see a link to the My Unread page. This view will show you a table of all the movies and comments left by your students since your last login. Your unread posts can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. The columns are: Type, Title, Author, Replies, and Last post.

      Use your unread page to review new student work and delete any inappropriate entries. You can review all recent student work by clicking the tab next to My Unread called My Recent. This shows all recent work, including posts you have already read

  7. Managing Student Accounts Top

    1. How do I start a classroom?

      Choose My Class, and click on the Add Student link at the top of the page. If you are a regular member you may add up to 5 students. If you are a VIP member you may add up to 40 students to a classroom. Note that teachers can only have one class per account. Teachers with several different accounts cannot move student accounts between classes.

    2. How do I add students?

      Choose My Class, and click on the Add Student link at the top of the page.

    3. How do I change a student’s password?

      Choose My Class, select a student and click on Account.

    4. How do I block an account?

      To block an account you must delete the sub account. Choose My Class, and select a specific student account to be deleted.

  8. Site Requirements Top

    1. What browser do I need?

      We strongly recommend that you use a recent version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Firefox is available for PC, OSX (mac), and Linux.

    2. What plugins do I need?

      To use the site, you will need to have Flash 9 (or higher) installed. Flash is a free download from Adobe.

    3. What kind of computer do I need?

      • Computer running Windows with a 1.5Ghz processor or faster.
      • Computer running OSX with a 1Ghz processor or faster.
      • A screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.
    4. Do I need a broadband internet connection?

      Yes. We recommend a 1Mbps or faster connection such as would be found with a DSL or cable connection. While a slower connection may work, you will have to be extraordinarily patient.

  9. Feedback & Technical Support Top

    1. Something on the site is broken. Can you fix it?

      We certainly can try! Before you report a problem, please check our site requirements. If your computer meets these requirements and something still isn't working properly, then let us know about it by using the contact form. Please be as specific as possible when you explain what the problem is and we'll make every effort to fix it.

    2. We’d love to hear from you!

      Our team put a lot of work into creating the Zimmer Twins and it's always nice to hear from you. Drop us a line with the contact form. Tell us what you love or don’t love. We are always thinking of ways to improve the Zimmer Twins experience. To make a suggestion, use our contact form.