Code Of Conduct

The Basics

The Zimmer Twins website is a fun, creative, and positive place where you're encouraged to explore, build and share stories. To maintain a respectful and comfortable online environment, everyone using this site has to abide by a few simple rules.

The Rules ...

Don't create movies that contain:

  • Swear words, obscene language
  • Sexist, racist, or culturally offensive content
  • Insulting, abusive, or disrespectful remarks about other people or movies
  • Violent or sexual themes
  • Postings revealing a person's private information (see below)
  • Links to external websites

Never post any information about yourself on the Zimmer Twins website (or the Internet in general). Movies and comments are available for the world to see. You don't want everyone to have your personal information! This includes your:

  • real first or last name
  • phone number
  • home or email address
  • password

The Zimmer Twins staff, or your teacher can remove anything that breaks these rules from the website.